So many words but what to say?


Easy-to-Use Language Resources

CLARIN or ‘Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure’ is an online environment that anyone with an interest in language will want to explore. They asked if we could work with them to produce an animated video that would appeal to this audience and help to spread the word (pun intended!) about Clarin. You can watch the video here.

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Telling the right story

So many words but what to say?
We could easily have used the whole video to talk about who might find CLARIN useful but there was so much more they wanted to say. We spent many hours working with the team at Clarin so the right balance was struck between showing people how they might use the platform as well as explaining how it all works.

Finding the characters

So many words but what to say?
CLARIN is a trusted resource for many people so it was vital that we developed a set of characters for the video that reflected their brand. As you can see we had a number of different starting points!

"Working with Beyond Local has been a pleasure. Nina is always friendly, professional and very responsive, and always goes above and beyond of what is required. We felt that we were well supported throughout the creative process. We are delighted with the final video and would certainly use Beyond Local again."
Karina Berger