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About Beyond Local.

What is it about us that makes people choose us to build something as important as their website? Is it that we build great websites that just work? Is it that we take time to understand the people who entrust us to do this and how their website fits into their overall business strategy? Is it that we look at the launch of a businesses website as just the start of a long term partnership between us? You would need to ask them, but we believe that it is all of the above.

If you think we might be of benefit to your business, please do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


Nina & Mark

We are the core members of a team of talented professionals who can help you be successful online.

Mark is online application developer. He has been working on websites for over 15 years.

Nina is a Graphic Designer. She has been making things look good for as long as anyone can remember.

"The expertise and service they offer is second to none. It's great having access to smart people that understand small businesses and also a huge bonus having that knowledge on my doorstep."