"A promotional video offers so much to a business, exposure is an important part of success and once a video is uploaded and placed in the right channels it can only help to business to grow and gain popularity."

Kent County Council

Public Health within Kent County Council are promoting and supporting the use of e-portfolios for Public Health Practitioners across the South East of England. They recognised that videos are key tools in the promotion of this scheme and it allows them to demonstrate hoe the e-portfolio works as well as hearing of the benefits from people who already use it. In addition, first line support is based around short videos devised to help practitioners make the most of the feature rich e-portfolio.

SERVICES Screencapture / Voiceover / Filming and Interviewing / Video Production / Supporting Print Manual Design & Layout

Promotional Videos

KCC were keen to promote the use of e-portfolios to Public Health Practitioners not only in the South East, but across England as a whole. To help them get their message across, we produced a short promotional video that showed how easy the e-portfolio was to use and featured people who were already using the e-portfolio talking about how it was helping them do their work more efficiently.

Video and Print Support

Working in conjunction with Kent County Council's Public Health department, we have put together a comprehensive training resource for Public Health Practitioners who want to become accredited. We have produced dozens of help videos and complemented this with writing and designing printed user manuals to support the small e-portfolio team at KCC in their administration of the scheme.