How we go about building your website

Listen & Understand

At the start of every project we sit down and talk to you about what you want your website to achieve for your business.

We will discuss:

  • Your Business Objective

    This could be sell stuff and/or generate enquiries to make more money or to share information.

  • Your Target Market

    Which type of people do you want your website to reach?

  • What you want your website users to do when they are on your website.

    More specific goals that will help your business objectives. Do you want to generate more sales, more bookings, newsletter sign ups, social media followers or something different?

Gather Resources

If you have an established business, it is likely your website needs to maintain consistency with your rest of your brand marketing. So we will be looking for any Brand Guidelines, logos, photographs and other forms of promotional material to help the designers have all the information they need to come up with outstanding visuals.

Design Concepts

We will produce some designs suggestions to establish the look and feel of your website. This ensure that we understand your brand and what you want to achieve with your website.

Content Gathering

We will ask you to provide us with the copy, images, photographs and any product database that will be the content for your website.

Page Designs & Wireframes

Once you are happy with the proposed look and feel of your new website, we will move on to producing individual web page designs and process wireframes that will form the roadmap of how your website will work and how the site’s users will interact with it.

At this stage we will request a formal sign off so that we can begin development

Website Development

The development team will build your website based upon the designs, wireframes and provided content. We will then go through an internal testing process covering design snagging, website functionality checks, cross browser and cross device testing.

External Testing & Snagging

Once we are confident that the website is working correctly according to the designs and wireframes, plus it has been populated with the required content, we will release a testing version for client evaluation.

Usually at this point, we link your website to Google Analytics to allow for ongoing reporting and analysis.

Sign Off

Once you are happy with your website, we will request formal sign off and we are ready to deploy your new website.


We will deploy it to our live web servers and link it to your businesses website domain. We then run a final series of checks to ensure your website is working correctly.

Maintenance, Evolution & Free Training

It doesn’t end there. Most of our clients want us to host and maintain their websites. As part of the cost of a Beyond Local website, we can include a year’s hosting and ongoing maintenance and additional development time to allow you to continue to develop your website.

We also provide free training on how to make the most of your website as part of our #FreeBLT sessions.

Request a Callback

If you would like to discuss how we work further, get in touch and we will call you straight back.