A Small Business’ Experience With Social Media

Back To Blog | Posted By Mark Duerden 2 years ago

Getting Started

Social Media, don’t you love it? It’s a free marketing channel. Just jump straight in and start posting, tweeting, pinning or whatever. The likes and the pins and the followers will come. Right?


“Suck it and see” summed up our Social Media Strategy and to be honest, although we’ve had some good moments, we haven’t sustained any kind of momentum since we began nearly 18 months ago. In an effort to understand why, we took some advice and had a look at the analytics available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and made a surprising discovery. The more effort we put in, the better the results were. Great! We thought, let’s put some thought into this, get organised and draft a Social Media Strategy.

Our Approach to Social Media Strategy

We thought we’d share what we had learnt in the hope that it is of use to another business on a similar journey.

  • Audit
    1. What is the current Social Media presence and where are the gaps?
    2. What was required to set up staff and crisis management guidance?
    3. What are the objectives for Social Media activity?
    4. What are others doing well?
  • Goals
    1. Break it down for each social media platform - what is the goal of your activity?
    2. How do the goals support your business objectives?
    3. Are the goals achievable and how are they measured?
    4. What is the timeframe?
  • Brand & Purpose
    1. Consider how to maintain brand consistency.
    2. Is what you say useful or engaging?
    3. Find a voice (or voices) that works to complement your brand.
  • Content Calendar
    1. Use a content calendar to work out how social media activity fits into your business from a sales perspective, i.e. Christmas, Easter, New year, Rugby World Cup, National chocolate day…?
    2. Plan your activity - use hootsuite or similar to plan and schedule your activity according to the content calendar.
  • Measurements & Report
    1. Determine how to measure the effectiveness and the ROI of your campaigns.
    2. Find and use the appropriate analytics on a regular basis.
    3. Report back and then feed any results back to improve the effectiveness of future campaigns.

Good in theory!

That all made sense and the only remaining problem was that we are a small business and didn’t really have anyone that had the time or focus to be made fully responsible for this part of the business. We considered outsourcing, but we wanted to learn more about how to do it, so we could offer our clients good advice on how they could make better use of their Social Media.

Our Solution

We have decided to look for a Social Media Apprentice and hope to be employing someone very soon - see our 100 day, 3 apprenticeship challenge to see how we are working towards that.

We are happy to discuss what we have learnt with you either through some free training with our #FreeBLT or with more dedicated support. Contact us for more information.