Our Adwords Experiment - the first week

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Demystifying Google Adwords

Our latest #FreeBLT has a bit of a twist. Instead of offering free training we are experimenting with PPC advertising on behalf of some local businesses. We aim to demystify Adwords for you so that you can decide whether or not an Adword campaign would be right for your business.

This week our work started in earnest with a real life client and we have learnt such a lot, we thought it worth sharing our initial thinking.

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Focus on a Campaign
Google have been really helpful. They are working with us to come up with the best possible set up for our ad campaign. They offer expertise, advice and support. So far, there hasn’t been the sense that adwords is just for big businesses, but unless your small business has bundles of cash to spend on Adwords, you are going to need to run a focussed campaign. 

Keywords are key!
Obviously, finding the best keywords are crucial. The obvious keywords might be subject to high click through costs, so finding decent volume niche or unusual keywords that are appropriate to your campaign is the holy grail. There are a number of tools available to research keywords, we like ubersuggest.com. 

Your Landing Page.
If you do need to compete on high traffic/high value keywords it could still be worth running a campaign, but you need to set expectations accordingly and perhaps focus on optimising your campaign in other areas. Like a really tightly focussed landing page with clear calls to action. We tried this with our Kent Web Design Page. We tried to make it keyword rich to match the adwords. We also set geographical and time constraints on when the ads would appear.

Measuring the Return on your Investment
Make sure you are tracking the campaign. Adwords has built in analytics, but to get the full picture we strongly recommend using analytic software, such as Google Analytics. If you can’t track conversions, how can you measure the ROI? Regardless of whether or not you decide to try Adwords, analytics software is easy to plug into your website and you shouldn’t have a business website without some form of analytics...

What's next?
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