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Don't bury your head in the sand!

It is coming up to Christmas and the New Year. This is often a busy time for businesses and their websites. Your website is your businesses shop window to the world. Does yours create the right impression?

The worst websites are difficult to use, contain out of date or difficult to find information. We have compiled a list of 11 points you can quickly check to see if your website is up to scratch.

1. Is it Mobile Friendly?

It may or may not be a quick fix, but the reasons for having a mobile friendly website are too compelling to ignore. You can find out if your website is mobile friendly by entering it’s URL here.

2. Does it have any broken links?

It reflects badly on your business if someone clicks a link and they get an error message. It is easy to see if your site has any broken links, just go to http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/ and add your web address.

3. Is it quick to load?

Website visitors are an impatient bunch. If your website is slow to load, they go somewhere else. You can check your here with the Google pagespeed checker.

4. Can people easily find your phone number?

Someone likes your website, they want to get in touch with you, but they can’t find your contact details. Make sure you have an easy to find contact page or at the very least have a phone number at the bottom of every page.

5. Is your phone number clickable?

More than 50% of web traffic is done on mobile devices, it really makes sense to make sure that your "easy to find" phone number is clickable, doesn’t it?

6. Do you have any recent blog posts?

You should have a blog! There are loads and loads of reasons why you should blog. Always have your latest blog posts highlighted, but make sure the latest ones are recent. If it is 2 years since you last blogged, well it looks like you might not be in business any more.

7. Do you have links to your Social Media Accounts?

Social Media provides free marketing channels that allow you to promote your brand. If you are on Social Media great, but make sure that people can find and follow you by having links to those channels on your website.

8. Showing old tweets and / or facebook posts

Well done, you are on Social Media, but the effect is more than undermined if the latest tweets or posts being displayed on your website are months or years old. It just looks like you can’t be bothered.

9. Out of date News, Events, Promotions and Campaigns

The same as the above, really. If you can’t be bothered to with how your own business appears, why should anyone else trust you with theirs?

10. Recent Testimonials

We all know the power of testimonials, but please make sure there are some recent ones there too.

11. Copyright 2014 (or before)

A bit of a personal one, but it really bugs me when I see ©2012 at the bottom of a web page. Please make sure it matches the current year.

There are lots of quick wins on most websites. If you would like to improve yours, please request a callback to see how we can help you for a lot less money than you might imagine.

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