Work Experience Day - it’s a wrap!

Back To Blog | Posted By Eloise Jeffery 8 months ago

It would be easy to focus on the fun that we’ve had this week but I’ll leave that to Eloise. For me this week has proven beyond doubt that as a business we have a responsibility to keep our doors open to young people. I also hope that by writing about and sharing our experience we’re able to encourage others to do the same. It has been an absolute pleasure Eloise … so for the last time, over to you.

Hey guys!

So this is my last blog. This week has gone so quickly. I guess they’re right when they say “...time flies when you’re having fun”. I made another Gif today of something I cooked (because I also enjoy cookery!). I think it looks quite cool. I added it to the Mailchimp newsletter, which, after a week of working on it, we are going to be sending it out today. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my week and enjoyed the work that I’ve shown you.

What a week!