Introducing Eloise

Back To Blog | Posted By Eloise Jeffery 8 months ago

We’re really pleased to introduce our latest work experience student.

Eloise has already spent part of her first day working on some client images for us as well as finding her way around Mailchimp. We’re so impressed with her already that we’ve asked her to write a series of blog posts about her time here and to share some of her brilliant photography work.

So - watch this space!

Hi I'm Eloise and I have just finished year 10 at school. I take GCSE photography. Some people may have taken this as an 'easy option', but not me. I have always had an interest in photography, however this year since I started doing it at school, and since I got my camera, I have found that I see things differently when just walking down the street, and this brings me a lot of excitement for the future.

This week I am going to be writing a blog everyday about my work experience here at Beyond Local. On Friday we will send out a newsletter about me and my week.

Bye for now!