Work Experience Day 3

Back To Blog | Posted By Eloise Jeffery 8 months ago

Towards the end of yesterday I asked Eloise to have think about creating a video as I thought it might be a good way of telling the story of her time here. The idea was to spend some of today practising with the software in readiness for creating a video that we’d share on Friday … Eloise clearly had different ideas.

Not only did she create something we think is good enough to share she also created the music to go with it! All whilst getting on with some image post-production work for a client. A pretty good day’s work all in all.

Over to you Eloise …

Hey guys,

So today I have been selecting and resizing photos on Photoshop and Bridge for some different clients. As well as being very creative by making a mini movie about some of my photos and some of the work I’ve been doing over the past couple of days. Check out the Beyond Local YouTube channel to watch it. Don’t worry it's only 1.30 minutes long. I made the clip on iMovie and the music I made myself on Garage band.

Enjoy the video and come back tomorrow to hear more about my day.