Work Experience Day 2

Back To Blog | Posted By Eloise Jeffery 8 months ago

Hi guys, it’s Eloise again. Today I have been using Photoshop to resize images for clients, as well as creating avatars for another client up in Manchester. Nina shared the images with the client and they loved them.

I have also been editing some of my photos that I took on a surprise photo-shoot. As I said yesterday, my perspective on different things around me has changed since getting my camera. I see more opportunities to capture my surroundings; some that you might not even notice until they are captured in a photograph. For example last month I was walking down some of the lanes in Brighton when I saw an amazing vibrant graffiti wall. My cousin and I decided to have a mini photo-shoot. I let her naturally pose and I just used the camera on my phone to capture what I loved so much. Here are some of the photos I took. I’d love to have another photo-shoot in the summer with another ‘natural model’.

Here’s a few of my favourites, enjoy!