Work Experience Day 4

Back To Blog | Posted By Eloise Jeffery 8 months ago

If there is one thing that this week has cemented for me it’s that young people need opportunities to just ‘make stuff’. They need the freedom to try things out and push their ideas in a direction that they want. Much of what I’m talking about is captured in a film called ‘Most Likely to Succeed’. I hope that whatever Eloise goes on to do she’s given the opportunity to just ‘make-stuff’ because from what we have seen this week she’s a bit of a natural.

Anyway - that’s enough from me - over to Eloise.

Hey guys it’s me again.

So today I have been experimenting with Photoshop by creating Gifs. They are so fun to make and I love that I’m learning more and more skills in Photoshop that I can use for more of my photography at school. I have also been adding to the newsletter I am making on Mailchimp to send out to clients tomorrow. Here’s my favourite Gif that I made.

I will be back tomorrow to write my final blog about me and my week of work experience.

TTFN! (My mum wanted me to say that)